Schedule for FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

The FIFA World Cup 2018, which will be held in Russia for about a month is fast approaching us Football enthusiasts. Fans all over the world have witnessed amazing feats like Sweden qualifying for the tournament after beating a world-class team like Italy in the qualifiers tournament of FIFA World Cup 2018. Because of such shocking news, fans have gotten a little too excited as compared to when they were in the past two world cups. In this age of information technology, it is important for Football enthusiasts to get the latest news. Now the World Cup Schedule has been laid out, there are some things fans need to know about before they can enjoy the FIFA World Cup in the upcoming summer.

Schedule of FIFA World Cup, 2018 in Russia

The tournament will have a total of 32 teams, all fighting for the prestigious cup held by Maradona, Pele, and many other great legends. The schedule of the tournament was announced on the 24th of July in 2015. In the schedule, Russia will start the tournament by having the opening match with Saudi Arabia on the 14th of June at theLuzhniki Stadium which is situated in Moscow. Both of these teams are the lowest ranked teams in the tournament when the schedule was announced by FIFA. The Luzhniki Stadium will host the second semi-final of the tournament which will be held on 11th of July. The second World Cup semi-final will be held on the 10th of July, and the third-place match will be played on the 14th July. The World Cup Schedule further showed that the final of the tournament will be played on the 15th July.

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